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Information about the events aiming to promote the UNESCO Chair on Intercultural Dialogue activities for the university public and the general public.
Docentes y Equipo

Headline investigator at the Institute of Philosophical Investigations of UNAM. Creator of the Analogous Hermeneutic. Author of more than 50 books about philosophy, Human Rights, Hermeneutic and Human Sciences. Coordinator of the Hermeneutic seminar at UNAM.
Mauricio Bechout

Jorge Enrique González
Ph. D. in Letters and Human Sciences of the Paris 10 University. Associate professor of the Sociology department. Director of the intercultural investigation line. Chair holder of the UNESCO chair – Intercultural Dialogue. Investigator at the Social Studies Centre (CES) of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Director of the Culture and Nation group. Associate investigator at the Institute of Philological investigations of the UNAM.

Ph. D in Law Sociology of Yale University. Professor and director of the Centre of Social Studies in the faculty of Economy at the University of Coimbra (Portugal). Visitor professor of the Wisconsin-Madison, San Pablo, Los Andes Universities and the London School of Economics.
Boaventura de Sousa Santos

Alberto Abouchaar Velázques
Ph. D in education of the Exeter University, United Kingdom. Professor and director of the Linguistics department at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Specialist in Education, speech analysis and Linguistics of English language. His principle investigation lines are: curricular design, teaching materials and speech analysis.

Ph. D. in Social Politics (2009) and master's degree in Sociology (1995), London School of Economics and Political Science. Sociologist Universita degli Studi di Roma, La Sapienza (1992). Coordinator of the work group about "Climate change, social movements and public policies" of CLACSO, associated member of the Urbanization and Global Environmental Change (UGEC) project. Member of the investigation committee of International Association of Sociology, about poverty, welfare and social politics. Member of the editorial committee in the Revista Colombiana de Sociología, Revista Cuadernos de Geografía of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL) and Revista Política y Cultura of the UNAM of Mexico.
Andrea Lampis

Diego Andrés Varela
Sociologist, master's degree candidate in Sociology at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Member of the investigation group Culture and Nation,. Centre of Social Studies – UN. Professor at Universidad del Tolima.

Master's degree student in Sociology, Cultural Sociology line at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Specialization in Health Promotion and Human Development. Degree studies in Business Administration with an emphasis on History at the Mayor College of Cundinamarca. Professor of this last university, in the specialization in Health Promotion and Human Development.
Gilberto Betancourt Zárate

Carlos Enrique Pérez Orozco
Anthropologist of the Technical College University of Quito . Master's degree in Philosophy of the language at El Valle University. Doctor candidate in Human and Social Sciences of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Investigator- professor in Ethnoeducation and native languages of the Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia. Carlos Enrique Pérez Orozco has worked especially with the Inga and Awá people in his ethnoeducative projects in themes of mother tongue and traditional wisdom.

Chaire Jorge Eliécer Gaitán d'interculturalité
The Jorge Eliecer Gaitán Chair "Interculturality: reconciliation of the universal and particular values" proposes an exploration in one of the principle problems of the present world, namely / that is, the step from the recognition of cultural diversity or multiculturality to the construction of agreements in which the particular values of the distinct communities that conform an international, national, regional or local unity are respected.

GENERAL OBJECTIVE: Analyze the problem of the construction of interculturality from the perspective of the reconciliation between the universal abstract values and the particular concrete values of the diverse communities in the world.

Conferencia final “La interculturalidad y la nuevas tendencias de la integración social”, en el Coloquio Internacional de Tendencias de la Integración Social, organizado por el Instituto de Ciencias políticas de la Universidad de Grenoble, Francia, Junio de 2015.
Simposio de Hermenéutica Analógica y Diálogo Intercultural, en el marco del XVI congreso de Filosofía latinoamericana, Julio de 2015.
Curso Análisis Cultura Hermenéutico
Curso Sociología de la cultura
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Carrera 45 No 26-85
Building Uriel Gutierréz, Office 317
Bogotá D.C. - Colombia
Pour un nouveau cosmopolitisme